Edinburgh Street Evangelism

08/11/2021 12:17

This morning I took bus into Edinburgh and did evangelism. I prayed about where to get off of the bus and prayed that the Lord would lead me to some people who had questions.

God answered both prayers as I got off unexpectedly a stop early. I immediately had a great conversation that I would not have otherwise have had. A man was waiting to deliver goods and he had some good questions. Please pray for him as he said that he will email me.

The next opportunity was with a young man who had grown up in Mormonism and has rejected it.... and God. He had some good questions and engaged in a conversation despited being on holiday. We spoke for at least 15 minutes and I hope that God will prick his heart to let the BIBLE be his guide back into true religion.

The next young lady may have been the best opportunity. She came from China one year ago to study in Edinburgh. She also had some very specific questions and we spoke for close to half an hour. She put Katie's phone number into her phone and I hope that we will see her visit the church. I also showed her a Bible app which I hope she will download. She will be in Scotland another year.

The final opportunity was with two tourists on holiday from London. This young couple comprises a woman who got saved 10 years ago and a man who two months ago started to attend her Pentecostal church. He said that they will visit our church on their next trip up here. He said that they frequently come up to Edinburgh. 

Thanks for praying for divine appointments. God's hand was evident.