05/03/2013 19:04

Today my family and the girls took the bus into Edinburgh. We toured the castle the castle and showed them around. We also handed out Gospel flyers. God gave us a sunny day with little wind. So, although it was a bit chilly, it was great day to get out.

The Lord gave some good opportunities to share the Gospel.  Two were very good opportunities.

One young man who does not go to church told me, "My dad is a born again Christian." If you have read these for very long, you know that I get excited when someone shares that. We looked at Psalm 22 and then went through many verses that deal with the Gospel. We talked for 20 + minutes and he thanked me for the conversation. Please pray that God will open his heart. He is from Dundee where my inlaws lives. I told him about the new Baptist church that is starting there.

Another young lady who is from Poland, spoke with me for about 20 minutes. She was focused on the conversation and listened intently as I spoke to her about trusting the Bible and not tradition. She believed that good people go to Heaven. I told her about David, Paul and the thief on the cross who were clearly bad people (like us (Romans 3:23) who were also clearly saved. I also shared the story of the man who hired workers throughout the day and then paid them the same wages at the end of the day. So, it didn't matter how much work they had done they were all fully paid. 

The girls did a great job handing out flyers. It takes courage to hand something to someone realizing that they may reject it.  Thanks for praying for our day.