Encouragement last night....

22/02/2016 15:48

We started our service last night with two teenagers and our family. God had given us a great morning. But I admit that as we were singing the first hymn I was having to encourage myself in what the Lord has called us to do. At about 10 past 6:00, in walked 4 men. One is regularly late because of his meal schedule but generally comes. Another man with him was a first time visitor. Two other men come occasionally. But,they all came in at about the same time. I got a bit choked up thanking the Lord for sending some encouragement just when we needed it.By the way, we have had first time visitors or "nearly" first time visitors every Sunday for the past three Sundays.

I put out flyers this morning for about two hours. I had a good chat with a man who attended our ministry regularly in the first year we were here. Please pray that his family will find Christ. I also witnessed briefly to two other men. God is working. Please keep praying.

I phoned the mechanic this morning because it is important to us to have our car back by this weekend for a family vacation. However, it seems that he may not be able to have the car back to us this week. We will have been without a vehicle for 4 weeks this Wednesday. :) I'm sure the Lord has a plan. Please pray that we will know His mind and that He will help our mechanic to repair our vehicle.