04/12/2016 13:01

Thursday night we had a very encouraging service. We had another little girl visit our church and a young family of four visited as well. We've been praying for God to fill up our chairs and we were excited to make some progress. The family are young believers that we know from our community. They attend another church but decided to visit with us this past Sunday night. Please pray for God to direct their family as He see's fit. There are reasons why we beileve it would be better for them to attend our ministry.

We had good services today. I preached this morning on a portion of Solomon's temple dedication prayer. My message was, "Getting Strangers in Touch with God" from 1 Kings 8:41-43, 60. It's an interesting evangelistic passage from the Old Testament. Tomorrow night is Katie's ladies' Christmas party at our home. Please pray for God's special blessing on that evening. Thank you for your prayers.