Enjoying Christmas Ministry

22/12/2019 13:12

I enjoyed preaching the latter half of Luke 2 this morning as we looked at baby Jesus Temple dedication and the two worthy servants of the Christ found there. My messaged, "Walk Worthy of Declaring Christ." God gave us a very good spirit this morning and we are thankful for our church family.

We didn't have any guests this morning but we had a 14 year old first time visitor in our midweek service. We also enjoyed the ministry of camp director, Pastor Randy Tannis and his wife, Laurel. They spent Thursday night with us and we had a wonderful time catching up with them. Pastor Randy spoke to our adults/ teens and Laurel worked with our children's class. We took them over Friday morning to Missionary Keith Cashner who took them to Carlisle.  They are on a special mission trip/ family holiday. It was good to see them.

Tuesday night at 6:00 PM is our Christmas Eve service. We appreciate your prayers for that special evening of ministry.