Enjoying some new things....

25/09/2016 12:49

We are enjoying some new things at church just now. A children's SS class in Schaumburg IL gave money for us to get a custom tablecloth for our back table. It is a lovely addition to our church decor. We appreciate their desire to help in a practical way with our ministry. We also purchased a wireless microphone which will helps with our PA system. Once we have everything going we will also have much better quality sermon audio. 

Our attendance has been good as of late. Katie is regularly collecting several children and a mother to bring them to church. The kid's class was very large this morning. The children also sang in our morning service and did a wonderful job. They faithfully come to choir practice a half hour before our evening service to practice. Their ministry was a blessing.

I preached this morning on being good stewards of "God's Goods" from Matthew 25, the parable of the stewards.

Thank you for praying for our church. We need God's enablement in our ministry and appreciate your participation through prayer.