Enjoying the Weather....

20/07/2016 08:49

I am listening to a thunderstorm this morning and that is unusual for here. After a summer of temperatures struggling into the 60's we hit mid 70 yesterday. That was by far our wamest day of the year and the storms today are a result of that heat wave. When you get good weather in Scotland, you take it and enjoy it. So, we got out yesterday as a family and had a good time.

Because of the storms this morning, Don and I are giving our planned outreach a miss. Please pray for our HBC which is coming up in a week and a half. Katie had a great opportunity to invite a family on Monday. We have set a goal for our church (for fun) of seeking to reach 40. We've hit 30 (in total attendance for the week) but never 40. We'd appreciate your prayers with us for God to help us hit that amount.