Evangelism in Edinburgh

29/11/2012 10:03

Yesterday afternoon the Lord gave me the opportunity to put out flyers in Edinburgh. I enjoy going down to a large park near Edinburgh University. Over half of those to whom you speak appear to be students or at least college age.

The first young lady I witnessed to was from Spain. She believes that all religions are worshipping the "same" God. 

John is agnostic. He grew up Catholic but turned away from organized religion. We had a good 10-15 minute conversation.

Another John was in his mid 60's. He is almost homeless and seemed tender to our conversation. He had a good sense of humor. He has grown up in Edinburgh and when I invited him to our church, he said, "Loanhead, I'd have to get my passport out."  (Our church is about a mile outside the city limits of Edinburgh and about 5 miles from where we were talking.)

Mark was the best opportunity. He is Canadian. Interestingly he is taking a class on the "Evolution of Language." His studies focus on pathology and philosophy. We talked for about 45 minutes. It was a very obvious divine appointment. Someone else had talked to him about the Lord earlier in the day. He thought I was with that guy. Thanks for praying for divine appointments.

The Hikin family is still ill. Please pray for the Lord to strengthen them. About a month ago Mark and I decided to meet for prayer on Monday nights at 9. The first meeting was cancelled because my children were sick. We met the following week and then have had to cancel two more due to illness. (There is a lot of sickness going around just now.) We appreciate your prayers that illness would not hurt our ministry. Thanks for praying.