Evangelism in Edinburgh.

25/07/2016 11:11

I had an errand to run in Edinburgh today and took some time to hand out flyers and witness to people down in Princess St. Gardens. The Lord gave me 3, 10-15 minute opportunities and numbers of people took the flyer. One man who took the flyer began reading it and continued to read it for the next several minutes.

A few weeks ago I gave a retailer a tract and came back the next day. He told me that his partner (the person he lives with of the opposite sex - just to clarify for Americans) and he had an interesting discussion because she saw that in his car. It led into a great discussion between both of them and myself that day.

We never know the results of tracts but that was a good reminder that God is able to make them speak to the hearts of those who receive them. 

Please pray especially for Russel (early 20's). He really appreciated me taking the time to challenge him to think about God and eternity. Thanks for praying for divine appointments for us.