Evangelism in Edinburgh

24/09/2018 15:05

I spent the morning at the New College LIbrary in Edinburgh and handed out some Gospel flyers to and from there. It was a tough day - it seems, as I didn't have any really open conversations. I attempted to witness to a man from Sweden who was sitting beside a statue of David Livingstone. The piper behind him near the road was playing, "Amazing Grace" on his bagpipes and a Baptist preacher was seeking to speak to him about Jesus (me.) Please pray that God awakens his heart.

The best opportunity was with two soldiers. As I spoke to them, I do believe that there was a genuine interest and a false bravado. The one asked me about a friend of his who changed overnight. To me, it seems that the man genuinely converted to Christ and I told this man so. That conversion obviously impressed this man who asked me why I thought this other soldier had changed. It was a great question for telling him how God can and has changed men's lives. Please pray for their hearts to be awakened as well.

God's good to give opportunitites to witness. Please pray for God to continue to give open doors (divine appointments) for the Gospel!  (Below is a series of pics taken by Raj's mum of his baptism.)