Evangelism in Edinburgh

22/04/2019 13:55

We have experienced gorgeous weather the last few days. Yesterday was the warmest Easter Sunday in 3 of the 4 nations (England excluded) of the United Kingdom. There isn't a cloud in the sky today. I enjoyed using the good weather to do evangelism in Edinburgh this morning. God gave me several good divine appointments.

One man - a publican - (pub manager) - spoke with me for a good while. I talked to him about what alcohol is doing to those he serves. It was an interesting conversation and one I hope he is reminded of everytime he goes to work. Interestingly, I later saw him in a completely different part of the city (several blocks from where we talked) sitting at a table with a huge beer. I said, "Hi again" and hope the irony of the situation wasn't lost on him.

Another very interesting divine appointment was with a young lady who grew up in Evangelicalism in Ireland. Sadly she is an agnostic who studied philosophy for 4 years. I told her after seeking to help her to faith (not that she really wants faith), "I just want to do my best to reach you as I would want someone to reach my daughter." Please pray that God convicts and awakens Abi's heart.

The third very good opportunity was with a man who is a carer for an autistic man. I spoke with him for about 20 minutes. Please pray for God to awaken Scott's heart. He thinks he can live life without facing the big question of God's existence. 

God gave me a divine appointment on Saturday night as well. I'm very thankful for these opportunities and appreciate your prayers for God to bless and provide opportunities to share the Gospel.

We enjoyed baptizing Jade last night. This was our first baptism in our garden instead of in our garage. We've normally had winter baptisms. It was a blessing to baptize outside.