Evangelism update....

21/04/2021 14:04

The weather is perfect for getting out to do flyers. Don and I enjoyed getting out today near his church in Livingston. We didn't have any divine appointments, but we enjoyed some good fellowship time.

Yesterday Tommy and I put out flyers in our area about 2 miles from Loanhead. We also didn't speak with anyone, but got a good number of flyers put out. We stopped to see a contact Don and I had made 3 weeks ago. He's had two strokes since we met him. Please pray that he will get out of hospital and that we can follow up on him.

God gave me a great divine appointment with a young father. I've had one Bible study with him so far. Please pray that we will see him saved.

Thank you for your continued prayers about the bank building. We continue to pray for God to make a way for us to purchase that property.