evangelism update

08/07/2021 10:20

The weather has shifted and we've had a lot more rain recently. I was able to get out Tuesday afternoon to put out some flyers in Loanhead. I normally go in the morning, but had to adjust because of the weather. 

Yesterday Don and I did evangelism in front of a Mall near their church location. I met a middle aged man, Tommy, and spoke with him for 20-20 minutes. We sat on a park bench while I went through the Gospel with John and Romans booklets. I believe he may be saved, but has never been discipled. He had an experience about 2 years ago and it may have been a conversion experience. It definitely has impacted his life and changes have been taking place.

I hope that he went home and made sure of his salvation. Please pray that he will make some tough decision to separate from sin and follow the Lord. I really encouraged him to join with Don's church and follow the Lord in believer's baptism. 

Don had a good opportunity with a woman who refused a tract. She did so, and then sat on a bench not far from us to eat. We joked a wee bit with her about an opportunistic seagull who was eyeing here food. She went back into the mall, but later when she came out she spoke with Don.

One more fun story - yesterday afternoon, my wife had 3 girls over for baking. I took my boys and a teen boy in our church cycling nearly 20 miles around a path in Falkirk. It was more like a cycling scavenger hunt because of the joining trails being so poorly marked (not marked at all) and the map was not the best. You really would be shocked (if you saw what we went through) that we completed our journey in the same place from which we started. I thought one man may have been an angel sent from God. He actually helped us back to the path and got us going again. I told him about, "The Journey" online. He found it and messaged me (I guess he wasn't an angel) from the Youtube Channel. Please pray that God will work in Moray's heart. (We had prayed for God to get us around the path and for opportunities to speak to someone.)