evangelism update

13/07/2021 15:10

I actually got hot today as I put out flyers. This has been a cool summer, but not unusual for us. We've not had any days over 70 yet. However, my thermometer says, "69.9" just now. :) 

After last summer in the States, I'm thankful (as many of you would be) to have cooler temps. At least when you are cold you can put on a jacket!

I had a divine appointment this morning with two young men. Evangelist Jonathan Washer, myself and Benson, spoke with them both in Loanhead about 4 years ago. God has helped me keep one of these young men's names in my mind and I have had multiple follow up opportunities.

He really engaged with me today and I'm praying that God will open His eyes. It reminds me of what Isaiah said, "Having eyes they see not, having ears they hear not (paraphrase.)" Please pray that the God of this world will lose and that these two young men will trust in Jesus. 

I spoke with a couple other men who remember speaking with me at other times. Please pray for God to awaken Loanhead. We love the place and the people but NEED GOD TO BREAK THROUGH. 

Katie and I enjoyed visiting the woman who attended our church for the first time on Sunday. She is a dear soul who is only recently saved. She has tried to share her new found saving faith with friends of hers at her church, "Church of Scotland." She can't understand why they can't see the Gospel and why her former minister does not preach the Gospel. Please pray for her as she plans to leave that church to attend our own.

Thank you for praying for God's power in our evangelism and ministry. We need it. (Psalm 62:11  God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.)