04/10/2016 10:53

Katie and I were able to door to door together this past Saturday. We haven't done that for probably over a decade. It's nice to have children old enough to watch the other kids. Pretty soon we'll even be able to get out on dates. :) The Lord gave us a couple very good conversations with those we met. It seems that people are generally very friendly and often open to conversation when we are knocking on doors. Thank you for praying for those open doors.

I put out flyers the last two mornings. This morning I had a great conversation with a man who fought in Afghanistan. Please pray that God would do a great work in His heart. 

Katie's ladies' meeting went very well last night. It wasn't our largest group but they enjoyed their time together. 

The next "extra" thing to pray about is our Assisted Living service this Sunday at THE TRUST property. Thanks for praying!