F.D.T. saves hand!

15/04/2015 11:55

I'm thankful to still have my fingers even though I lost one of my "F.lyer D.istribution T.ools."  A large dog ripped my F.D.T. (cheese board) out of my hand as I put a flyer through a mail slot. Those unfamiliar with this hand saving device may have a slight smile of amusement on your face as you read this. But, those who know how often it has saved me an operation to re-attach fingers (smile) are not amused (as much anyway.) I may go back and ask for my cheese board if my pride allows. Sadly, the owners of the dog weren't home. (sigh) :) I carry a spare now days and it came in handy.

But, God allowed me to have a great chat with a neighbor who came out as I was delayed next door. He is a member of a church which does not believe in the trinity. Please pray for God to allow His Word to prove to His truth. I showed him that the Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is the Creator, that He is worshipped as only God can be worshipped and that His name is also taken in vain when people break the 3rd commandment. I really appreciated his willingness to chat and discuss spiritual things. We talked for about 20 minutes as we looked at God's Word.

Please pray for God to use this flyer as it continues to go out into the community. Thanks for your prayers.