Family Conference Night 3

07/04/2016 22:32

God gave us a wonderful time together this evening. That has been one of the great blessings of the week is that we have enjoyed times of sweet fellowship before and after the services. God's Spirit has really opened our hearts during the services and it has been evident in the sweet fellowship following each service. We heard some good news this evening as a father said, "I asked God to save me during the service." That also is a precious indication of the work the Lord was doing as the message preached was "Raising a Family in the 21st Century." I'm sorry that I can't make the audio available as my phone has apparently eaten the audio. The Lord knows and I trust the other recordings have been a blessing to you.

We praise the Lord for the ministry of Pastor and Mrs. O'Gorman. We had wonderful fellowship with them and benefited greatly from their ministry. Please pray for them as they fly out early tomorrow to return to Ireland. Valerie will be speaking at a Ladies' Luncheon in Cork (Southern Ireland) on Saturday.

Meanwhile we'd appreciate your prayers for my niece and brother in law as they fly in on Saturday. Our family gets to enjoy having Ellie (13) stay with us for 3 weeks as her father, Jason, has work to do in France. We'll get to briefly enjoy having Jason with us as he passes through and stays a day with us.

I told our church tonight, "As pastor I feel that this week is the most precious in our 6 years of ministry here." God is doing a very definite work in our church. We appreciate your continued prayers and give God all the glory for the work He has done, is doing and will do. Thank you for your vital part in our ministry.