Family Sunday

14/08/2017 13:41

Thank you for praying for our family Sunday. It was a great success and I anticipate this becoming an annual follow up to our HBC. We had 7 visitors who came specifically for that Sunday. God gave us very good attendance and there was a very sweet spirit. I enjoyed singing a duet with  my mum and then having my dad preach the morning service. After lunch we played some games and then I preached a 15 minute message on being a part of the family of God. 

My dad, son and I ran up to the Trust (assisted living facility) immediately afterwards for a 2:00 service there. Dad preached on John 3:15-17 at the Trust. We had good attendance (10 plus us) and a good spirit in that service as well.

Thank you for praying for that special service. Please continue to pray for our health. Two of my kids were in to the Dr.'s today. Kay Lee had a x-ray to see if she has pnemonia. We won't know on that until later but they have put her on another antibiotic. Mac has been given a vaporizer (asthma type) to help his cough. We'll make it - but would appreciate your prayers as well. A single missionary is scheduled to be with us this Thursday through the weekend. 

My family that were visiting are on their way back to the States just now. We had a really good time. It's a blessing to have Christian family. Thanks for praying for our time with them.