Family Time

07/02/2015 09:55

We are enjoying a few days more with family before our departure on Thursday. Yesterday we headed to the Mall of America. (I grew up just a half hour from the Mega Mall.) We enjoyed playing some miniature golf with my brother family and my mom and dad. The Lord gave me a great opportunity to speak with a young man in his 20's. The Lord was in our conversation and it was a 15 minute chat that seemed like 5 minutes. Please pray that God will open this young man's heart.

Today we are getting ready to head to Reedsburg, WI for our final meeting before our departure. We are very excited to be going home soon! God has given us a great furlough! We have had many opportunities to thank Him for His goodness to us in our travels. Thank you for your part in that.

Below is a picture from our time at the Lincoln Museum last week. We were able to visit there as we participated in a nearby missions conference.