FBC 11th Anniversary

05/07/2021 07:10

God gave us a wonderful time on our anniversary Sunday. We started the church on 4 July, 2010. It was a blessing to have Sunday fall right on the anniversary date this year.

We had a special day as we got together for a church picnic. God kept the thunderstorm away for a little while and then we were chased inside to finish our games. (It was a blessing to hear some thunder as that can be pretty rare here.)

I preached a message from Isaiah 35 on, "A Great Day Coming." If you want an encouraging passage to meditate on, it is excellent! Although the ultimate fulfilment is future - it has happened, is happening and will happen. It is a great revival passage. We need revival! Please pray for God to do that in our church and in our community.

We have some things that we are praying about regarding a church buiding, but nothing substantive yet. Last night the church voted to allow me to make an offer on any property of interest to the church. Formerly we had only voted that I could make an offer on the bank property. This way we don't have to wait two weeks to move forward.

Two things we are really praying about. 1) If God doesn't have anything for us in Loanhead THEN He must have something for us elsewhere. (It's a very difficult consideration, yet God has already moved us at least temporarily out of Loanhead.) 2) If there is nothing available, we may need to consider building a church property. With that in mind, I'm going to investigage something which has been of interest to us since before the bank property. Please pray.

Thank you for holding the ropes in prayer and for your love for our family and church ministry. We much appreciate it.