fellowship meeting and outreach

09/11/2022 11:34

The Lord blessed us with a wonderful fellowship meeting in Blair Athol yesterday. This location is also where we meet for our bi-monthly days for prayer. We had a really great time together. We enjoyed the hike despite the occasional rain shower and the colours were incredible. The river was also running high which made the waterfalls that much more spectacular.

The preaching, singing and prayer times were refreshing as was our fellowship time at lunch. Thank you praying. God gave us a special day.

The Lord gave me a great opportunity this morning to share the Gospel with Nathan. He's a joiner (builder) from up in Aberdeen. I told him about my friends church there, and encouraged him to attend. Nathan's a young man (19) and he seemed very positive about visiting. He said, "I'm not doing anything else on Sundays." Please pray that he follows through. He let me type the details into a notes page on his phone.

I put out several hundred open letter flyers this morning. There continues to be some small opposition to this flyer. However, God has also recently given us positive feedback from a man who appreciated what was being put out. I said, "Thanks for telling us. Many people agree with us but are afraid to say so because of all the hate speech rhetoric." He agreed. Please continue to pray for the power of God upon this flyer.

No response yet on the property of interest. I'm sure I'll post something here soon after we have feedback from them.