Festival Season

15/08/2012 15:06

Edinburgh is an international festival city.  So, this month it hosts 7 international festivals which means that there are "loads" of people in the city.  I saw more people on the Royal Mile this morning (the high street that runs between the castle and the palace) than I have ever seen there before.

I had several divine appointments and I will share a few with you.

Andrew (19) is from Lithuania.  He is catholic. He is moving over here as a first year student in university. We spoke for about 10 minutes.

On the bench next to Him was a muslim man from Turkey.  He's been in the UK for 15 years. The Lord guided in our conversation. I took him to Colossians 1 and John 1 and showed him the deity of Christ.  And I showed him in the Gospels where Philip tells Nathaniel that they had found the prophet (Jesus) whom Moses spoke about. Our conversation lasted a half hour and he read and looked at many texts.  He is still strongly against the deity of Christ but God's Spirit has an arsenal of truth that can impact his heart.

Just a few benches further was Joseph (27) and his wife. They are from Los Angeles. She accepted Jesus 6 months ago but Joseph is a Catholic.  The Lord guided in our conversation as we went through verse after verse about salvation by Faith.

A highlight of the day was a group of about 40 Christian young people singing good choruses and holding up a banner that read, "Jesus Christ can change your life."  They were with a good evangelical group from Ireland.

A sad part of the day was a young girl (16) who was very articulate and intelligent.  She was a complete atheist.  I talked to her for about 15 minutes before her dad and sisters arrived.  It wasn't hard to see why she had such strong convictions against God. "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools...." God is able to work in their hearts and I trust that He will continue to reach out to them in His mercy.

Thanks for praying for our outreach.