Final Sunday Before Meeting Again!

18/10/2020 12:26

We are thrilled to be one week away from meeting with our church after 6 months apart. We were unable to meet as a church prior to our departure and the although the church began meeting again about a month ago, we are in a 2 week quarantine. 

Our zoom services have been very good and a blessing. However, it will be great to see one another. If you have been praying about the number of people allowed to meet, God has answered that prayer. As long as the government does not put further limitations upon churches, the current rules allow for up to 50 with safety guidelines in place. 

I enjoyed preaching a message this morning from Psalm 86 on, Getting God's Ear. David expresses in this Psalm the Bible reasons why he believed God would hear His requests.

We are prayerfully going to begin facebook live next Sunday evening. Please pray for wisdom for us as we use the technology for the first time. Please also pray for God's great blessing as we seek to further promote His Word.