Finished Already?!

24/07/2015 21:04

It is hard to believe that the week is over all ready. God gave us a great week. We have had good HBC's in the past but I really feel like this was our best year. The kids were all a bit older and there was a really good spirit in every activity. All of the kids were disappointed that today was the final day.

We had 2 first time visitors today bringing our total to 30 kids counting Mac. (That meant a pie in the face for me. :)) That is excellent as 3-4 kids that would have been there were on holiday. An eleven year old girl put her trust in Jesus today! That is the highlight of the week. She hopes to come on Sunday. Please pray that she and several others would be able to make it to a church service. 

God has done great things for us whereof we are glad. Thank you for praying for our ministry this week.