20/07/2021 11:37

Tommy helped me finish Loanhead today. We put out around 450 Gospel flyers. God gave two great divine appointments. One was with an elderly man who lost his wife two years ago. The other was with a young lady who lives in the village where our church is meeting. Please pray that God will work in these two hearts as well as in the many hearts of those who received the Gospel flyers. Thank you for praying for our evangelism.

Kay Lee and Benson are into a day camp week at the Bill Rice Ranch. Last week Benson enjoyed being a camper for the week. Unfortunately he had a significant knee injury (tore his MCL) this past Wednesday. He said everyone heard the crack of whatever took place. His knee has been popping out of joint since then occasionaly. Your prayer is appreciated for his healing and for God's blessing on this week of camp. (They are both loving their summer of ministry at the Bill Rice Ranch.)