First time back at evangelism....

08/01/2020 20:51

God has given a couple divine appointments this week outside of scheduled evangelism. But, it was nice today to finally get back out putting flyers through mail slots. Don Dillman and I put out a couple hundred flyers in Livingston today. The weather has been very poor this week with rain and very high winds. Two lorries (semi trucks) were blown over on a road near us yesterday. 

The wind was so high when I ran on Monday that at one point I had to shield my face so I could breathe. (No, I'm not kidding.) It was like sticking your head out of a fast moving vehicle. High winds are coming back Friday into Saturday. This kind of weather does impact our evangelism at times.

We appreciate your prayers for our evangelism. Please pray for wisdom for me as I am thinking about writing a new flyer. Please also pray for the newspaper article I shared in an earlier post. It will be in the county newspaper later this month.