First time visitor....

02/07/2017 12:54

The Lord has given us consistent first time visitors. Thursday night we had the relative of some of our teens and it was her first time. We had another teen back and two other visitors. It was an unusual night and we give God glory for it. Today we had a first time teen visitor who has attended a youth activity but not a church service. She also has family in our church. Please pray for her salvation.

God gave us a good morning. Brother Washer taught in SS on the reckoning that is correct regarding the death of the "old man." It was good and helpful. I preached this morning from Isaiah 55:6-13 on Seeking and FINDING God. Please pray for the Spirit of God to wrestle with those who need to get saved and to stir up the hearts of believers to walk with God. It was a good morning.

Thank you for your prayers for our ministry!