First Time visitors :)

14/04/2019 13:12

God blessed us with two first time visitors as a mum and her teenage daughter were in attendance this morning. We thank God for leading them to our church this morning. God gave us a good attendance morning which was refreshing. Please continue to pray for the family in our church that needs a vehicle. The woman who is taking treatments for cancer was able to be back yesterday (ladies' tea) and today - again - praise God. I preached this morning on, "Your Will for Jesus" from Luke 23. Pilate delivered Jesus "to their will." Interestingly men's will has not changed much from the day of the Lord Jesus Christ. God blessed our services. Thank you for praying.

This afternoon we have our ministry at the assisted living facility, The Trust. I'm going to preach on the resurrection of Jesus. Please pray for those who hear it to come to complete faith in that glorious reality. Lord willing, we'll vote tonight on taking on the Calin's. We've had to postpone this vote a couple times. Thanks for praying for God to develop our mission's program. God's good. Praise His name for what He is doing in our church!