Flyer in Liberton

08/01/2019 11:49

Liberton is the part of Edinburgh that is just on the other side of the city bypass from Loanhead. This housing area is less than a mile from our church location. It is a new build housing scheme of around 200 residences. I had 3 opportunities to hand flyers to individuals. And I ran out of flyers at the very last house which was right by my car. The Lord reminded me that I had some flyers in my car door and I was able to get the last house done. 

I like it when God shows His hand on my day by something as simple as having the exact amount of flyers I needed. I almost didn't do outreach this morning because I was running short on flyers and need some for evangelism with Don Dillman tomorrow. I had found this stack of flyers in my garage and used all of them.

I spoke with one woman who said about Scotland getting a spiritual awakening, "May it be so." I said, "It starts with one person going back to church." She said, "Like me....?"  Please pray that God would really work in her heart. I think there are many defeated believers (whether saved or not) sitting at home thinking one more person in church doesn't really make a difference.

Thank you for your prayers for our church outreach.