Flyers and more flyers....

21/10/2015 13:33

I was able to put flyers out on Monday and today. I didn't have any divine appointments on Monday but was able to do a large section of a neighboring village. Today, Don and I, put out flyers through the same village. God gave one very good divine appointment with a 17 year old young man who was returning this morning from a lecture at Edinburgh University. I spoke with him for close to an hour by the side of the road. He is seeking a degree in bio chemistry. Please pray that God will help him to see "order and design" and not "random processes." I gave him a New Testament. Please pray that God will bless that young man with a personal knowledge of Himself.

I read an interesting quote yesterday and it broke my heart. I don't have the book in front of me as I let someone else borrow it. However, it said that a young pastor took a church. After his first sermon an older man came up and said, "Well I don't see much hope for you or your preaching to help our church. However, I and some others have committed to pray for you." He said that he wasn't offended by what the man said because he had committed to pray for him. That prayer group became a group of over 200 hundred and God blessed that pastor. What broke my heart was this pastor saying, "I don't know how an ordinary pastor (without that prayer group) can make it." I agree with him. There is an overwhelming sense of need for the power of God and the prayers of God's people to move forward. Thank you for being a part of our team by praying for our ministry.