Flyers continuing....

17/03/2020 11:33

Our family has been reflecting on things that don't change....seasons, sunrise, sunset, etc. Obviously the most stedfast is God, His Word, His sovereign rule etc. Praise God for things that stay the same.

I enjoyed doing my normal routine this morning and putting flyers out through mail slots. I had a good small divine appointment with a man in his early 20's or late teens. It wasn't a very long conversation, but I hope that this guy gets saved. He had a great spirit about him. I'd love to disciple some young men who get excited about God's truth.

Kay Lee had some disappointment last night. She's been working very hard on her violin for her grade 5 exam which was to be next Tuesday. She's all ready for it, but they cancelled it last night due to the virus. Praise God - His way is best and she knows that. Please pray for God to help her prepare again in the future.