Flyers in Bonnyrigg....

05/06/2018 11:40

It's been a blessing already to have my cousin here this summer. Holly's mum and my  mum are sisters. My mum is the oldest and Holly's mum is the youngest. I'm the second child in my family and Holly is the youngest in hers. So, I'm the next to oldest cousin and she is the youngest. God has given me great Christian family on both sides (mum and dads) which has made our families very close. Additionally, when we have been on deputation and furlough we have lived at times with Holly's family which has made our kid's close with their family as well. So, this is a lot of fun. Kay Lee  has  a "sister" for the summer as they are sharing her room.

Holly and I put out flyers this morning in a village just 2 miles away from Loanhead. God gave a beautiful morning to get out and put flyers through Bonnyrigg. We were able to get several hundred flyers out and had two good opportunities to share the Gospel. The second was with a young man who could attend the football tournament. I spoke with him for 15-20 minutes. Please pray for God to awaken these hearts to His truth.