Flyers in Dundee

21/04/2012 21:21

Thank you for praying for our outreach this morning in Dundee. Although there was a big threat of rain, we were able to get out for a couple of hours. We had one interesting conversation with a lady who is a believer.  It was a good opportunity to let her know about the new church plant.  We also really enjoyed our time with Kirk and Carrie. 

Please pray for our services tomorrow.  Nelson woke up with a fever last night and it has continued today.  It is difficult for us to have illness on Sundays because Katie and I really need to be at church.  The Lord knows what is best.  But we'd appreciate if you would please pray for him to be better in the morning if that would please the Lord.

We are anticipating a couple visitors tomorrow.  Michael told us that he would be there.  And another man, Josh, will also be visiting with us.  Josh just recently moved to Edinburgh.  We're looking forward to meeting him.  Thanks for your prayers.