Flyers in Loanhead and assorted other news....

19/06/2018 13:41

It was a great blessing again to have 4 of us (Kay Lee, Holly, Benson and myself) putting out literature (Gospel flyer and HBC invite) into houses in Loanhead. With four of us it goes very quickly. God gave two great opportunities to share the great news about Jesus death and resurrection. 

The other, far less wonderful news, is that Duchess got third at the dog show in Loanhead last night.... for waggiest tail. Unfortunately that was her only prize category - but we'll take it! This is all part of the Gala week in Loanhead. They have different fun things going on all week ending in the Gala Day on Saturday. Please continue to pray for good weather. We've had a drier than normal spring but we are still praying about the weather. By the way, last week Thursday (day before the parade) we had rain and 50-70 mph gusts of wind. We were very thankful for the weather God gave us for the parade.