Flyers in Roslynn

15/06/2012 20:26

Yesterday I put out about 250 more flyers in Roslynn.  One more time there and that area will be finished.  I had a few good witnessing opportunities.  I prayed before I started that I would take whatever time needed on any opportunity.  I talked with a Jehovah's Witness couple for half an hour.  I don't believe it was wasted and the Lord reminded me of that prayer.

I've shared this before, but want to share it again because I believe it is effective.  I always ask them if they believe the ten commandments.  One of the ten is a command not to bow down to false gods.  I then ask them why people worshipped Jesus?  (Wise men, those who were healed, Mary after the resurrection, disciples at the ascension, and in Revelation.  In Hebrews God commands the angels to worship Jesus.) I also point out that men who were worshipped in Scripture always said that they were just men. Jesus never did. I also showed her John 1 and  Colossians 1 where it clearly says that Jesus created every single thing and pointed out that in the beginning God created.

Please pray for this couple.  I don't doubt their sincerity. The Lord guided in our conversation and I'm thankful that He gave me that opportunity.

It was our family and Skye last night at church.  The community centre was very busy with lawn bowlers last night.  I know that some of them heard us singing and trust that God pricked their hearts. We are doing what the Lord wants us to do. He will build His church.  Keep praying.  God is working.