Flyers with Don....

29/06/2016 18:25

Don came over today and helped me get some flyers out this morning. The rain held off and we were able to knock out a pretty large area. We had a couple brief conversations with folks in that community. Neither one was "good" but the Lord is able to work in anyone's heart. The first was with a man who is an atheist and says he has been all his life. He is elderly now and believes that death is the end. Please pray that God will awaken John's heart. The second was with a woman who believes in a "power" but not in God. She definitely rejects Jesus. 

This afternoon I researched options for a portable baptismal pool. I settled on a portable hot tub and believe that this will work well for us. Please pray for those who are going to follow the Lord in baptism. We have a few children and one adult needing to be baptized.