14/09/2017 13:33

I was able to get out in lovely weather later this morning to put out flyers in our community. Please pray for those who read these flyers. I'm convinced they will generate a lot of conversation and thought. God's Word doesn't return void. Part of my convincement is a 15 minute phone call I just had from someone who received it. Please pray that God will meet the needs in this person's life. God led in our conversation and opened the door for the Gospel.

We'd appreciate your prayers for our midweek service this evening. The adult/teen class is in our 5th lesson on the book of Genesis. We're not doing a verse by verse study, but are looking at the stories found in this book. We're studying God's judgment upon man's sin this evening. Please also pray for Katie's class. She does a great job working with a wide range of ages. We'd love to see some of these children trust Christ.