15/10/2019 11:30

I was able to get out to do flyers this morning. Our wet weather continues and I'm thankful that this morning was clear. I may not be able to get out tomorrow morning because of rain.

God gave me a neat divine appointment. About three weeks ago I handed a postman a flyer. I prayed for him and had a second opportunity to see him about two weeks ago. I had a third opportunity to see him this morning and I asked him about the flyer which he had read. He told me an interesting story which happened after meeting me the first time. He found out that another Baptist minister, which he knows lived in the neighborhood where I met him. God is obviously reaching out to this man. Please pray for Henry's salvation. I left a copy of John and Romans with him this morning.

The rest of my time out was pretty unexceptional. I put out around 250 flyers. We had visitors in our church this past Sunday from flyers which we put out 3 months ago. Praise the Lord! Thank you for praying for our evangelism.