23/02/2022 09:29

God gave me a divine appointment Monday morning as I got out with flyers in a village very near our church location. It's interesting to me that people know the term, "Agnostic." I guess they have thought enough about God to decide that they believe in Him but do not accept who He says He is. It wasn't a long conversation with this young agnostic man, but he did take a Gospel of John and Romans.

Yesterday Tommy (from our church) met up with me and we put out flyers for about an hour. We didn't speak with anyone but enjoyed the fellowship as we did the Lord's work.

Today we are under a wind advisory with blustery showers turning to snow later. We've had an incredibly windy last 3 weeks. Today the wind speeds can hit 70's mph. :) Better put some rocks in your pockets if you are out and about. Before the three named storms of this past week, they said the UK had lost 8 million trees already this winter.

Last week our church sign posters were blown out of our sign. They were new ones that I had put in two weeks ago.  Another A-board sign was damaged. I had tied it to a post. The rope snapped but not before bending the sign. Please pray for wisdom for us as signs are very necessary to guide people into our church building.