fog light

17/07/2014 14:38

Our car is an import. As part of our yearly inspections they realized that the vehicle did not have a rear fog light fitted to it. So, my morning was spent in the vicinity of the auto garage. I enjoyed putting out our church information for a couple hours while I was waiting. I listened on my ipod to Evangelist Rand Hummel as he preached at a men's conference.

I had two great opportunities to share the Gospel. One man had grown up in the church of Scotland. Another lady was a Buddhist. They were very good conversations.

The Lord gave a great opportunity to both Katie and I last night. I spoke with 4 teenagers who promised me that they will visit our church on Sunday. I told them that I've been told that before but they were insistent that they would be there. I hope they will be. One of them remembered that I had spoken with him several years ago.

Thanks for praying for opportunities to speak with people about the Lord.