Football Tournament Scheduled

24/03/2016 21:22

God has opened the door for us to host a football (soccer) tournament on 21 May. A friend of ours, Evangelist Jonathan Washer, is going to come and help with the tournament. He has a sports ministry. Here is a link if you would like to see how they are using this tool for the Lord. We are excited about this opportunity and covet your prayers for God's blessing on that day. Please begin to pray now for good weather. (We don't often get to put the word "good" with the word "weather" here - but, God is able.) We have reserved two five-a-side courts near us.

I've been able to put out flyers several times this week. On Tuesday I went with Don Dillman into Edinburgh. God gave us a divine appointment near their home before our departure. The Dillmans are doing furlough replacement for the Landons and living in their home. This man in his 20's asked about the Landon's son and began speaking with us. He attended the SS at their church when he was a boy. Please pray for God to awaken Stephen's heart. We gave him a copy of John and Romans. 

Yesterday I put out flyers through a new housing scheme near us.Thanks for praying that God will use each one of these flyers. His Word will not return void!