Free Website

01/09/2012 20:37

We succeeded in exceeding our "free limit" without adverts on our website. (That is great because it means that you are keeping up with us.) So, welcome to our free world with adds.

The Lord gave us a great day today. This morning I did door to door and had several great contacts.  Joanne said that she would come along with her children. Please pray that she would.  She seemed genuinely interested. Robert allowed me to show him Psalm 22.  I recommend using this passage in your witnessing. Like Isaiah 53 it is God's "proof" that His Word is divine. We had a good brief chat.  I hope to speak with Robert again in the future. 

I also met Grace, the grandmother of Ellie, who attends our church. Please pray for this sweet lady.  She lost her husband last month.  

We have prayerfully made a low offer on the property we viewed. We didn't want to walk away without trying to get this property at a price we could afford. We'd appreciate your prayers as we continue to seek the Lord's will.