From Katie:

11/05/2012 21:17

No, I'm not hacking my husband's page, I've been asked to share my day!  Dobbie's is a wonderful garden centre shop with an attached cafe.  Jenni texted me and asked me to meet her there this morning.  I was able to take Kay Lee and Benson along with me.  I thought they would enjoy the treat of having a children's breakfast.  While I talked with Jenni at one table, the children ate their breakfast, did a Bible study that I printed out for them, and enjoyed a game of UNO at their own table.  I gave Jenni a discipleship book, please pray that this helps her as she desires to learn God' Word.

This afternoon I took the children, and two Sunday School children to a birthday party.  They all enjoyed 1 1/2 hours at a soft play centre, pizza, chips, and ice cream!