Full Day

21/09/2022 21:53

Tommy and I went into Edinburgh this morning and I preached in front of McEwan Hall. To tie it to yesterday's update, Eric Liddel graduated in that hall. This building is part of the University of Edinburgh. Obviously there were college age young people all around us. It was a very good location with a lot of people within ear shot. The bus stop was right in front of us and the kids had to wait there for their bus. 

Two young men and a woman said they would visit our church. Please pray for them to do so. We spoke with the young men for close to half an hour (with open Bible) after I finished preaching. They had been by when we started and were coming back by as I finished. They are sincere and I do hope we can help them find Christ as their Saviour. Thanks for praying for this ministry.

God gave us a good service tonight at church as well. We're studying 1 Peter and were looking at why we ought to fear God. I haven't had time to upload any preaching, but should have some of our ministry from today up tomorrow.