Full Sunday

02/12/2014 09:21

We enjoyed our meetings at two new churches in Georgia on Sunday. Although their had been sickness at our family's house. God kept our family well. We were beginning to wonder who would be able to go on Sunday. Thankfully all of that sickness is now past and everyone is doing very well.

God added a meeting to our schedule on Sunday. We were visiting good friends of ours and joining them for church. Their pastor kindly gave me the service that night. We have also added two meeting to our schedule in December. 

The Lord gave me a divine appointment with a brother in Christ this morning. It is a blessing to know that we have fellow Christians who are also seeking to serve God. I hope to have a good opportunity to share Christ in the near future. I gave out several tracts yesterday but did not get a prolonged opportunity to speak to someone about the Lord.

We have a Wednesday meeting in SC and then we are in FL for the next two Sundays. Thank you for praying for our ministry.