Fun and ministry

01/03/2014 16:48

Yesterday afternoon Benson and I got out doing something we enjoy doing, looking for agates. It was an amazing day. But,it didn't start out that way. After a couple fields without agates, I said to Benson, "I guess we aren't going to fill our buckets today." But, God did fill our buckets. We got into some amazing rock and found some of God's wonderful treasures. As we walked back to our car to empty our buckets to go get more agates, I said, "I guess God can fill our buckets when he wants to." Benson said, "I prayed this morning during school that I could find a big one and boy did God answer my prayer." (He found a very large agate geode which we hope to cut in half.)

The Lord also brought along a divine appointment. This older man pointed across the field and said, "One of John Knox' good friends live there. He would often visit him and stay here." I was able to go into the Gospel as he turned the question back to me and asked about himself, "Am I saved?" I told him that if he stood before God and said, "I ought to go into heaven because I'm a good person," he would be showing that he is trusting in himself rather than in Jesus. 

Logan and I also had a good opportunity this morning as we knocked on doors. Thank you for praying for divine appointments.

(No this isnt the bathroom. It is our agate processing station.)