15/06/2022 16:05

This has been a busy week, but a fun week. Katie has been doing much to help our friends get settled in Scotland. There has been some progress and I'm thankful she's been able to assist them. They are very thankful to be here and we are enjoying their company as they settle in for God's plan for their family.

Meanwhile, I tried to put out literature on Monday, but was rained out. Yesterday, Tommy and I got a good section of Loanhead finished. Today, Pastor Dillman and I got a fair bit done as well. There won't be too many more times out in Loanhead before it is finished.

The boys are really excited about going camping. We leave in the morning with our church minibus and then will be collecting Pastor Dillman and another man from his church. All told, we'll have 11 of us traveling together. The weather looks promising, if you can trust it. :) We'll be happy with whatever God sees fit to give us. 

There were be 4 devotionals in our time together. I get to share the first tomorrow night. I'm going to preach about the Feast of Tabernacles which the Jewish men were required to attend. Our camp out won't be as long as their feast, but there are some fun similarities. Thanks for praying for our family and ministry.