fun ministry week

16/02/2022 21:47

God is blessing our week. Our 2 Bible college students have a reading week this week. So, they are able to help with HBC. The young mother who visited on Sunday is also helping us every day. We've had 10 children who are faithfully attending. All but two were out tonight with their families to watch a Torchlighter video on Gladys Aylward. One family who visited may visit our church on Wednesday nights. That would be a blessing as we have been praying for our midweek service to grow.

We had the possibility of 70 plus mile an hour winds this evening with Storm Dudley. God kept us safe and I'm thankful that we did not cancel our service. We moved our Friday HBC to tomorrow as another named storm hits on Friday. This one looks to be a snow and wind event. They are saying it is a historic storm that could bring gusts of 100 MPH to England and Wales. (In case you don't know we are all connected with Scotland in the North.)

With regard to our church, God's definitely given us some encouraging prospects lately. Thank you for praying.