Fun Update :)

27/04/2016 08:20

This is just a fun update to share my hobby with the kid's out there - or with those who still are a bit of a kid. I've enjoyed keeping Cichlids (fish) and have gotten into raising them. I'll put some pictures below.

To explain the pictures - 

Picture 1.) The top picture is of my fry tank. There are 9 Red Zebra Cichlids (yellow) which are about 6 weeks old. The Red Top Zebra Female (brown) was holding. Cichlids are mouth brooders. They take the eggs into their mouth. The eggs then hatch about a week after fertilization. The female holds them for about 3 more weeks after they hatch. During this time she may let them out and take them back in.

Picture 2.) I took the babies out of her mouth last night by holding her and pushing down on her lower jaw. (This is a kind way of helping her since she does not eat while she is holding.) I then put her back into the main tank. She had only been holding for two weeks and the fry were very small. About the size of a small grain of rice. If you look on the bottom right of this picture you will see some of them. She had about 40 in there. (No, I'm not exaggerating and she is not even close to being fully grown. This was her first time holding.)

Picture 3.) This is my main tank. I'll have to put some close up pictures of my fish some time. They are very beautiful and all come from Lake Malawi in Africa. It is a fresh water tropical tank. I've got about 150 pounds of rock in it from a beach near our home. 

I'm getting ready to leave this morning for Troon Scotland by way of Glasgow. Don Dillman will be riding with me. Another missionary and his son (Richard and Caleb Weaver) will be joining us in Troon. We are all going to be helping the Merle and Barbara Ventrello put literature out through their area. I shouldn't have been suprised to see snow on the hills this morning. But, I was. :) I'll put a pic of that below as well.