Fun with the Sanderlins

13/02/2013 20:17

We really enjoyed having the Sanderlin family with us for a few days. They left this afternoon for Brussels and tomorrow they fly to Cameroon. Please pray that God will meet their needs as they have quite a journey before arriving home.

The Lord gave us a couple neat divine appointments. Yesterday as Sam and I crossed a bridge in Edinburgh I almost literally bumped into some friends from our area. The daughter used to regularly attend our church. Please pray that they will realize that was not just a coincidence and that they would come to our evangelistic meetings.

At the airport today I bumped into the director of the University of Wisconsin in Scotland. I hope that she will visit our church at some point. I teased her because I've also bumped into her in Glasgow.

God's good to give these divine opportunities. Thanks for your part in asking the Lord for these opportunities.

PS. The Picture on the home page was taken yesterday on top of the National Museum of Scotland. The castle in the background is Edinburgh Castle. It is about 6 miles through the city from our home.